2021-2026 Strategic Plan Overview

To Saraland students, employees, and community members:

Every five years, Saraland City Schools engages in a reflective process to review and renew its strategic plan. This process involves analysis of current practices and serves as the framework for ongoing efforts to provide Saraland students a high-quality educational experience. Throughout implementation of our 2015-2020 strategic plan, the Spartans expanded career and technical education opportunities for students, constructed state-of-the-art facilities, and experienced success in academic achievement, the liberal arts, and athletics.

With strategic planning facilitated by LEAN Frog, an educational consulting firm, we assembled a team representative of Saraland school and community stakeholders.  This team’s first action was to design a survey eliciting community perceptions regarding school system successes and challenges.  Survey responses along with additional data were then analyzed by the team and used to inform plan development. The resulting strategic plan will serve as a guide for our work and as a foundation for continuous improvement efforts.

Construction of Saraland City Schools’ strategic plan also coincides with a district accreditation review in November 2021. Engaging in both simultaneously encouraged intensive reflection on system strengths and identification of potential areas for improvement. 

I am thankful for everyone who contributed to these challenging yet rewarding endeavors. Their work, their support, their vision, and their constructive feedback resulted in a plan that we believe will transform our school system. While Saraland City Schools has received multiple accolades in our brief history, we are confident this strategic plan will build on our successes and lead to renewal of the district’s accreditation by Cognia.

With appreciation for our great community,

Dr. Aaron Milner, Superintendent


LINK TO PRESENTATION: Strategic Plan Overview