• The Saraland City School System was established by the residents of Saraland for students residing in Saraland. Residence as used herein means the fixed, permanent, full-time and primary domicile of the parent(s), legal guardian(s), welfare-appointed custodian(s), or court-appointed foster parent(s) of a student. The legal residence, as used herein, shall mean that true, fixed, full-time and permanent home to which, whenever absent, the person in question has the intention of returning. Residence does not include a temporary or secondary place of residence established for some specific purpose. In other words, to be eligible to attend Saraland City Schools, the student must reside in a physical structure constituting a home (a house, apartment, condominium, etc.), which is located in the limits of this school district, with a person legally responsible for student care. Residence shall depend on the facts and circumstances of each case; however, the residence must be a place where important activities such as eating, sleeping, studying, working, etc. occur during a significant part of each day. For more information, refer to Board Policy 5.10 for Admittance/Enrollment Requirements.


    The following documents are needed for enrollment:

    • Original birth certificate
    • Original Social Security card
    • Current Immunization Record
    • Parent/guardian ID
    • Current Lease or proof of Mortgage
    • 2 additional proofs: power bill, water bill, gas bill
    • Previous school reports (last report card, etc)
    • Custody paperwork (if applicable)