• 2023-2024 Azalea Trail Maids


    If you're interested in trying out at SHS for an ATM, it's never too early to get started learning about Mobile history, local attractions, and current events!

    Suggestions to prepare:

    1. A “driving” tour of Mobile may provide first-hand information to use in the interview. 
    2. A visit to Mobile’s Welcome Center and they will provide valuable information.  There are a lot of brochures there on the points of interest in Mobile.
    3. An appropriate suit or dress for an interview will most likely NOT be found in the junior department.  A good interview suit or dress is a worthy investment since you will likely have several interviews in the future in which you could also wear it.
    4. Typically a photographer will take the best picture of you.  Again, a photographer would be a worthy investment since you can use it again and again throughout your senior year and with other applications to college, club/organization, scholarships, sororities, etc.
    5. Some think you should wear the same color in your picture as the color dress you would like to have if chosen.  Others think you should wear whatever you are going to wear in the interview to make a memorable impression. The choice is yours!
    6. You should read current events daily!  Also, watch the local and national news.  It is easiest for some people to watch the news in the morning as they are getting dressed.  The 5:30 p.m. national news should give you enough information on the national scene…..you do not have to watch CNN/MSNBC/Fox News.   www.dailybeast.com (also an app), www.theskimm.com (email list and app),   www.yellowhammernews.com
    7. Form a study group with the other girls trying out. Having a study group allows you to review the material, plan group outings to places and events around Mobile, and make new friends! 
    8. Practice answering questions always with the assumption that they mean “….and Why?”
    9. Experience Mobile’s culture in food, attractions, and events available for tourists and local.  Be ready to “share” your “experiences” with the judges. 
    10. If you have an Instagram, follow pages such as Visit Mobile, Mayor Sandy Simpson, CityofMobile, mobilerundown, etc.

    Please feel free to see Mrs. Crane in room 220 if you have questions or need any help. 
    Mrs. Crane is a past Azalea Trail adviser at Murphy High School (6 years) and Citronelle High School (5 years), a past ATM school representative, an ATM mom, and a consultant for girls all over the county for interviews for the Mobile Azalea Trail Maids and Mobile County Distinguished Young Women for the past 20 years.


    Pictured above: 2021-2022 SHS ATMs 

    Pictured above: 2020-2021 SHS ATMs 

    SHS ATM 2019-2020
    Pictured above: 2019-2020 SHS ATMs


    Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Azalea Trail Maids for
    Saraland High School


    Emilee Buxton

    Ella Dominguez

    Paige Parks

    Annabelle Williams