• The Saraland Middle School ideology believes that our curriculum and staff will yield mathematically knowledgeable and empowered citizens for the future.  Students will use mathematics effectively and proficiently along with a conceptual understanding during their course of study.
    In order to achieve this mathematical knowledge, we believe the students should:
    • Exhibit number sense
    • Establish numerical fluency with accuracy and rigor
    • Demonstrate understanding of how mathematical concepts build upon one another and yield a systematic whole
    • Convey mathematical thinking coherently and clearly
    • Build and apply mathematical knowledge through problem-solving
    • Perceive and administer applicable contents beyond the classroom


    Click the link below to review Alabama State Standards

    for Mathematics:


  •  Lewis, Natalie              7th and 8th Grades

     Mayfield, Cindy            7th Grade

     Nezat, Heather            6th Grade

     Rice, Alexis                   6th and 7th Grades

     Springer, Nancy           8th Grade