• The goal of Saraland Middle School's English Language Arts curriculum is to prepare our students for future academics and real world skills. It is our belief that students must have sound literacy in order to communicate in the demanding world that approaches them. We educate our students with skills needed to evaluate and argue; to think critically and analytically in preparation for the diversity of the environment before them. It is our goal to create thinkers, speakers, and contributors to society.


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    for English/Language Arts

    ELA Alabama State Standards

  • Powell, Carrie              6th Grade

    Stevison, Terri             6th Grade 

    Barlow, Courtney         7th Grade 

    Huff, Heather               7th Grade 

    Pierce, Jarod                8th Grade 

    Johnson, Carey             8th Grade 

                                                                                                                                                                                   Lewis, Natalie               6th Grade Reading