• Music and all of the arts provide an important foundation for the creative, innovative, and intellectual capital that prepares all students for college and careers. Therefore, we must provide all students with a wellrounded education that includes music, regardless of musical or artistic aptitude. By doing so, we are fulfilling the needs of our young citizens and laying the foundation for the success of our students and schools, which will in turn lead to the success of our state and nation. The Alabama Course of Study for music is designed to meet the learning needs of all students and the instructional needs of all educators. Its overarching goal is comprehensive music literacy.   

    Source:  Alabama Course of Study: Arts Education

    Saraland High School currently offers the following Music Education courses:

    • Marching Band (Director:  Chase Davidson & Andrew Ellis)
    • Concert Band (Director: Chase Davidson & Andrew Ellis)
    • Jazz Band (Director:  Andrew Ellis)
    • Concert Choir (Teacher:  Christie Breland)
    • Southern Light Show Choir (coming Fall 2021)
    • Saraland Singers (Teacher: Christie Breland)
    • Piano (Teacher: Christie Breland & Andrew Ellis)
    • Guitar (Teacher:  Chase Davidson)