Hello Fall




    School will start on AUGUST 6, 2020.


    I will continue to update my website. Please continue to check for activities, information, and/or activity calendars. We will also use a couple new programs that teachers will be sending home information about and I will also be utilizing those programs as much as possible for speech and language in person therapy and online therapy. We will send information home as soon as school begins.

    I will also contine to use the REMIND app where I will be sending out updates, information, and more. You can send me messages through the app, as well. If you need an invitation to the REMIND app, please let me know.  You can always reach me through EMAIL,, or CALL/TEXT @ 317-1086 or through the SES office @ 679-5739.


    I am here to help you in any way that I can,  Tracy James