Week 6: April 27- May 1

  • Week 6: April 27- May 1

    1. Read the passage in your packet titled "Be a Dendroclimatologist" 

    2. Using the tree core samples, fill in the data table, and answer questions 1-4. Need help with this? I have made two videos that can be found to the right of my page, helping you understand what Dendroclimatolists do, and how they use this information to find out things about the past. 

    3. Check out this video about Dendrochronology:

    4. Why do trees have rings? 

    5. CHALLENGE: Complete this virtual lab:

BrainPop Topics to Explore

  • Dendrochronology Help:

    What is a drought? Check out the Brainpop lesson titled "DROUGHTS" 



Week 5: April 20-24

  • Week 5: April 20-24

    1. Read the passage in your packet titled "What Causes Climate?"

    2. Answer questions 1-17 using information found in the passage.

    3. Check out this video about Reforestation: 

    CHALLENGE: Virutal Field Trip: Exploring the World’s Largest Coastal Temperate Rainforest

Week 4: April 13-17

  • Week 4: April 13-17

    1. Read the passage in your packet titled "Climates: An Introduction to Climates"

    2. Answer questions 1-8 using information found in the passage.

    3. Check out some climate based games at : 

    CHALLENGE: Want to check out Glacier National Park? Take this virtual field trip and let me know what you think! 


Mrs. Meacham: Week Three Video

Week 3: March 30-April 3

  • Week 3: March 30- April 3

    1. Review the Words in Part PowerPoint.  

    2. Play the game under files, titled Words in Part Practice. (imagine we are playing....THE GAME GAME)

    3. Play Prefix/Suffix game found under links. 

    CHALLENGE: Remember the root monster we made in class? Create a root monster, draw it out, and send it to me! (

    Want to know more? Check out the additional websites under week three links.

Week Three Files (March 30- April 3)

Weekly Instructions

  • Week 2: March 23-27

    1. Review the "Factors that Influence Climate Change" powerpoint.  

    2. Learn more about climate change and even take a virtual field trip using the Climate Change NearPod. Be sure to fill out the recording sheet as you go! 

    3. Learn about interesting topics concerning Climate Change by reading the 3 ReadWorks articles linked under week 2 files. Be sure to answer the comprehension questions that follow each article. 

    4. Watch the Crash Course Climate Change Video.

    CHALLENGE: Using, create an informational poster about the effects of climate change and what we can do to help. is linked under week 2 links. E-mail me your final product! 

    Want to know more? Check out the additional websites under week two links.

Mrs. Meacham's Website Tour and Week Two Video

Week One Files (March 16-20)

Important Information

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Science Packet: Helpful Videos

Climograph Help Video

Dendrochronology Part 1

Dendrochronology Part 2

Skills Practice