• Class Supply List

    (1) 48 count crayons  

    (1) pack washable markers or a pack of colored pencils

    (2) large glue sticks 

    (1) pair of scissors 

    (2) 3 Ring Binder (1 inch)- With clear front for sliding in papers/schedule 

    (3) plastic crayon box - Keep 2 at home for a project I will inform you about at a later date.

    (1) three hole, clear front, zipper pencil pouch 

    (2) hand sanitizer 

    (2) box of facial tissue 

    (1) pack of dry erase markers 

    (1) pack of pencils

    (2) box of wipes (or more)

    GIRLS ONLY - (2) boxes of Band-aids

    8th GRADE BOYS ONLY  (1) box of gallon ziplock bags

    7th GRADE BOYS ONLY (1) box of snack size ziplock bags

    6th GRADE BOYS ONLY  (1) box of sandwich ziplock bags


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  • The ABC’s of Mrs. Pugh’s Classroom

    Absence: If you are sick and going to be absent from school, please have a family member call the school office or text us through Remind. I will keep all work that you miss for you to make up when you get back. Bring an excuse when you return. 

    Breakfast: Breakfast will begin at 7:05 and end 7:20 every morning. If you are a car rider and plan on eating breakfast at school, you need to be dropped off before 7:10 am to have time to eat. The tardy bell rings at 7:25am.

    Communication: Please show your parent/guardian your School to Home Folder every day after school. I will use it to tell parents about your daily behavior, send notes to your parents, and they may use it to write notes for me as well. You should have a see through zipper pouch located in the front of the folder. Please place all money and parent notes in the zipper pouch. A note needs to be written explaining what the money is for. This helps with any confusion.

    Discipline: You will put a chip, with your name on it, on our class behavior chart. Everyone will begin on GREEN (4) each day. When you do good things like being kind to others, doing your work the best you can, and following directions, you can move up to BLUE (5), PURPLE (6), or even PINK (7-the highest). If you are not kind, do not do your work, do not follow directions, you can move down to YELLOW (3), ORANGE (2), or RED (1-lowest). If you physically hurt someone, steal, or leave the area without permission, you will go directly to RED (1). You are allowed to move up from even RED (1) for turning your behavior around, except if you physically hurt someone or leave the area. You will not be allowed to attend field trips if you have 3 or more RED (1) days five days before a field trip. Your behavior will be written on a behavior calendar in your Home to School Folder. A parent/guardian needs to initial the calendar each day.

    Enjoy the Quiet: Students may bring in noise buffers, head phones (not attached to technology), or ear plugs to block out noises. I do have several head phones students may use.

    Fun Fridays: We have Fun Friday activities the last hour or two each Friday. Fun Fridays are for students who have earned it by doing their homework and having good behavior. Students must not miss 2 days or 4 assignments worth that week of homework to participate. Students also cannot have been on RED (1) or ORANGE (2) three or more times that week.  

    Goals: 1.To build a safe environment for learners, 2. To increase student academics levels, 3. To increase student independence and social skills.

    Homework: A homework sheet will be sent home every other Monday. I expect you to read 10-15 minutes each night (or someone to read to you) and some students will have spelling words. Wednesdays are usually a no homework night, unless a project is due or the spelling test is moved up during the week. 

    Inactivating our Negative Emotions: We have a Break Area in our classroom. You may request a break and go to the break area for 5-10 minutes if you are upset. In the break area, you may do a calming strategy such as hugging a teddy bear, counting down from 10, writing down your feelings, coloring, reading a book, or looking through your break box. Your break box is a plastic pencil box you will bring with items from home that make you happy and relaxed. The box will stay in the Break Area for the school year. The break box is a project. Information will be given for when it's due.

    Jumping Around: You will have P.E. every day with  general education students and with 2 to 3 class para-educators. Sometimes the gym is loud. You may bring head phones (not attached to technology)or ear plugs. You are required to participate in physical activities at your ability level.

    Keep up with Hygiene: You will need a plastic crayon box with a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and a brush/comb. With guidance every day at school, you will need to take care of your personal hygiene before PE. The hygiene box is a project. Information will be given for when it's due. ALSO, as a teenager, you NEED to take a bath/shower EVERY night and WASH your hair at least every other day. Let's stay clean! Being smelly does hinder making and keeping relationships.

    Library time: We will be going to the library usually every other week. Students may check out 1 to 2 books at a time. Students may keep them in their desks or bring them home to read nightly. Books must be treated with care and returned 2 weeks after being checked out.

    Morning check in: Please come directly to the classroom in the morning when you enter the building. Your teacher or teacher’s assistance will be waiting on you. However, if you are late, go to the office for your parent to sign you in first. 

    Nightly Reading: Please make sure that you read EVERY night or someone reads to you. You may take a break on Wednesdays and weekends. Reading is critical to your success in improving reading fluency. A reading log will need to be signed and completed every night (Mon. Tues. and Thurs.) by your parent/guardian for a reading homework grade.

    Our Community Supplies: Each student brings in school supplies, and we purchase some for the classroom as well. Students keep most of the supplies they brought in their desk or in the cubby. However, many supplies (pencils, dry erase markers, Kleenex, zip locks, etc.) we share in our classroom community as well.

    Parties: We will have holiday parties throughout the year. Some holidays we will supply all the snacks. Other holidays, we will request for parents to send in one item to help with the cost. Parents may send in a birthday snack for your child. Please let me know when you will send it so we can plan time for the students to enjoy the birthday snack. 

    Quick Communication: Parents can message me through Remind Monday-Friday from 6am-8pm. To set this up on your phone, text the message below...

    @19campugh to the number 81010. If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting @19campugh to (251) 234-6153. We will also send reminders and messages through Remind to limit handouts. You may also email me at epugh@saralandboe.org. If you would like to meet, I can meet at my planning time (10:50-11:35) or after school on most days.

    Reports of Progress: Progress reports will usually be sent home every other Tuesday. Parents can also check PowerSchool at any time to check your grades.

    Snack time: You are welcome to bring a snack to eat in the afternoon or money to purchase a snack. Snacks range from $.50 to $1.50. Please do NOT send candy or coke products.

    Teacher/Parent Letter: Your parents will receive a Teacher/Parent letter every other Monday. The letter will include important information concerning our class and our school. 

    Understanding: We will take small assessments weekly to bi- weekly, usually on Thursdays. It’s very important for you NOT to miss Thursdays if possible. I do allow tests to be made up.

    Volunteers: If your parents would like to volunteer treats/supplies for class parties, We would be more than happy to have them help!

    Water: We have a drinking fountain down the hall from our class. You may also bring a plastic sport top or flip top drink bottle filled with only water to keep at your desk all day.


    X-treme Awesomeness – Beware, your class is full of extremely awesome students and staff. Follow 3 class rules1.) Respect Others 2.) Respect Property 3)Listen to Teachers, and you will have an awesome year!

    You are Awesome too Parents- Keeping daily communication is key to a successful year. Please sign your child’s daily behavior calendar each day and make sure they are doing their nightly homework. Thank you in advance for your support this year! Parents, you are AWESOME!

    ..Zzzz: Please make sure you are getting enough sleep at night for this busy year! It is very hard to think and do your best on your school work when you were up on your phone/device late at night playing games.

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