• Welcome to Room 107 Coach Williams World History & Psychology Class!



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    Common Classroom Activities

    Students will do various activities throughout the school year however these are the most common ones they will receive. Most days students will be doing one or more of these activities.


    Note Taking: Students are expected to be taking notes during lectures in class. We use a method known as "closed notes". Students will be provided printed notes and will need to fill in the blanks by listening to the lecture. Copies of these notes can be found on the website in case a student misses a day. There may be times when note taking without the closed notes will be necessary. It is the students responsibility to fill these out on their own. All notes will need to be kept in the students' three ring binder. Content from the lectures make up a large portion of test questions. Notes are expected to be taken during videos shown in class. Notebook checks are subject to occur at any point in the year without warning.


    Chapter Questions: Students will be given chapter questions to be completed both in class and outside of class, this will vary. Students are required to turn in both the questions AND the answers to receive full credit. No questions=50 at best, no answers=0 at best. In class students will be given a "Class Copy" of the questions. Any questions sheet with "Class Copy" designated at the top will not receive credit for the question. A copy of the questions for student use can be found on my website. Students may also copy down the questions by hand to receive credit. Chapter questions will be returned to students after being graded. Along with notes, chapter questions make up a significant portion of tests.


    Annotation: For all annotations students will be required to submit their work on the "Annotation Form" which can be found on my website. I advise all students to print off numerous (maybe 20) of these forms for themselves at the beginning of the year and store it in their 3 ring binder. Any annotations completed on a different sheet of paper will receive a 60 at best. 


    Socratic Circle: Students will be told in advance when we have a Socratic Circle. Students will be graded on how many times they participate in discussion (so long as what they say is of substance) as well as for note taking in the outer circle. Occasionally there will be discussion questions posted on my website to help get the students discussion started. Socratic Circle discussions are to be student led with the students talking to each other, not to the teachers. There will be an inner circle where students will discuss and an outer circle where students will take notes on what is being discussed. The circles will switch back and forth with students on the outer circle staying quiet.



    Classroom Constitution 


    ·        All students are to adhere to school rule and policies first and foremost

    ·        Students are expected to enter the classroom calmly and quietly. Talking is allowed, but at a reasonable volume. Talking is not allowed if either myself, another student, or a guest is speaking to the class

    ·        Students will enter the classroom in an organized manner. Failure to do so will result in the student being asked to leave the classroom and re-enter according to procedure

    ·        All students will enter class with materials necessary for the days assignments

    ·        Students will address me as either “Mr. Williams” or “Coach Williams” and respond with “yes sir” and “no sir” when speaking to me

    ·        When I am speaking, all students will be quiet and respectful. I will give them the same courtesy when they “have the floor”

    ·        If students need my attention, they will raise their hand while remaining in their seat patiently

    ·        Students who need to leave for the restroom will sign the restroom sheet and take with them the bathroom pass

    ·        Students are expected to return from the restroom within six minutes

    ·        Abuse of the bathroom pass will result in the student losing bathroom privileges

    ·        Read all directions before beginning an assignment

    ·        All students will be quiet when school announcements are being given

    ·        Students will wait for me to dismiss them at the end of class

    ·        All work is expected to be turned in on time

    ·        Students will not be allowed to use cell phones while working, during tests, or during lectures

    Article 2. CLASSROOM RULES

    ·        Arrive to class on time and with a great attitude

    ·        Have all materials necessary for class

    ·        Pay attention to instructions the first time they are given

    ·        No cell phones are to be used in class

    ·        Be respectful of those around you

    ·        Be ready to expand your knowledge of all things history