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COVID-19 Updates

 Food Pantry Available for Saraland Residents

Saraland United Methodist  

Monday- 9 to 11 am

Tuesday- 9 to 11 am

Thursday - 9 to 11 am

Drive-through distribution - Please remain in your car

For more information - 251-675-5103 - Saraland City Hall



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   COVID-19 Information for Adolescents

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   Student Hand-washing Video Model


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   Surviving COVID-19 with Children - Behavior Support

   Cooped up with Coronavirus - Behavior Resources

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I hope you are able to spend this time of social distancing to enjoy time with your family.  While your student is at home, please allow time for review of core curiculum materials that you should have recieved in the mail.  Each general education teacher has placed copies of their assignments in a packet that your student should receive in the mail and begin on April 13. Please complete the packet prior to May 15 and return it to the front office in a safe drop area at the front office of the school.  If your student has any questions regarding their personal packet, please email me and I will gladly try to assist.  Please also return any textbook to the front office by May 15.  

In the packet your student receives, please find a yellow form attached to my green Transition assignments.  The yellow form has specific information for student's who recieve accommodations.  Please have your student go to my webpage to complete a Monday Check In and Friday Check Out.  These forms allow my students to communicate with me and will alert me if they need to make an appointment to receive one on one assistance through a phone or online conference.  

Saraland High School students will not return to the building for the rest of this school year in order for our school system to comply with the mandates of the federal and state government agencies.  Your child's safety is of the utmost importance. 

IEP meetings are cancelled until further notice.  I am expecting to receive an update pertaining to these meetings some time after April 6.  As I am given new information regarding rescheduling, I will be sure to pass that to you in a timely manner.   

Please be safe,


Stacey Hall

Special Education Teacher

Transition 9