Health Services Department


    All children and adolescents will succeed in school with the special touch from a school nurse!


    School Nurses will assist every student to reach their full academic potential by providing quality nursing care in the school setting.  Individual care, screening, teaching, and appropriate medical referring becomes priority for the school nurse caring for students in the school setting.


    Health Services will assist in removing barriers to learning in order to improve student academic performance.  This will be accomplished by enhancing the service and delivery system to students through school and community resources.


    • All Children can and will become proficient learners who will graduate.
    • A highly trained and proficient staff,administration and board will provide excellence in teaching and learning for every student.
    • We will create a new story about public schools to build and sustain parental and community involvement.
    • We will establish governance that provides evidence of accountability, trust, compliance, and responsiveness to key communities.
    • We will ensure that all schools have equal access to needed resources to enable every student to meet high standards.