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In compliance with accountability laws, the following reports are made available for viewing at the Central Office located at 943 Hwy 43 Saraland, Alabama.  These reports are available for viewing by the media, parent organizations and members of the legislature.  Contact Mr. Shane Martin,  Chief School Financial Officer, 251-375-5420.

Accountability-Student Achievement - Ths student achievement data is released by the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) and is available at the ALSDE web site (www.alsde.edu), under the ALSDE Spotlight labeled "Accountability Reporting."  This data has been disaggregated and is available in several different reports.  The link below will connect to the specific area in the ALSDE web site.

Accountability-Financial Statements - These Financial Statements are approved by the School Board and are released monthly.  They are also posted on the Saraland City Distrct website under Business and Finance.  The link below will connect to the specific area in the Saraland School District site.


Folder School Safety and Discipline Report (8 Files)
Download 2015-2016 SIR Report
Download 2014-2015 SIR Report
Download 2013-2014 SIR Report
Download 2012-2013 SIR Report
Download 2011-2012 SIR Report
Download 2010-2011 SIR Report
Download 2009-2010 SIR Report
Download 2008-2009 SIR Report
Folder Annual Financial Statements (5 Files)
Download 2015-2016 Annual Statement
Download 2014-2015 Annual Statement
Download 2013-2014 Annual Statement
Download 2012-2013 Annual Statement
Download 2011-2012 Annual Statement