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Saraland City Schools strives for excellence and encourages a collaborative and professional working environment, facilitating high student achievement scores, professional growth opportunities, and innovative practices that support learners.

Aligned with the mission of Saraland City Schools, the Human Resources Department is committed to work strategically in identifying and responding to changing needs while providing leadership and guidance in the development, implementation, and equitable administration of policies and procedures. Staff members offer employee services to system workers in terms of benefits, compensation, certification, training, and other employee-related issues. 

Committed to quality service, contact Human Resources staff for assistance in any of the areas describe above.


The Saraland School System is an Equal Opportunity Employer. No applicant or employee shall, on the basis of   race, color, religion, gender, age, ethnicity, marital status, disability if otherwise qualified, political or religious beliefs, national origin, social and family background, or on the basis of the use of a language other than English, be discriminated against by this school system.